TACOMA ROOTS! When Levi Lyon was a little mister, he would make any thing an instrument (a musical McGyver- lol). When he was in elementary school, he played the drums and clarinet, later he joined the junior high choir and graduated high school playing punk rock and metal, eventually forming a rock band. At the early age of 15, Levi was organizing events and playing in bands, collaborating with other bands to play house parties, organizing events at liberty theatre, outside Puyallup fair hanging out flyers, promoting events and shows. Levi Lyon has a passion for music and the music community. 

Coming out of high school, Levi knew this would be his career. Writing scripts for radio stations, venues would hire Levi for promotions and campaigning for clubs. National bands started to contact Levi to hire bands to play their special events. In 2005, Levi participated in the HempFest Volunteer Program It was that year, Levi met with Jim Matheson and assisted him with the HempFest Entertainment Committee. Levi assisted with selecting bands; he would screen and technically review the bands, filter through electronic press kits, handle contractual obligations, ensure parties have waivers. Levi has been committed to these actions and currently leads the Entertainment Committee.

In October of 2009, Lyon Pride Music LLC was born. Levi had the vision of recording bands and working with video; he has the privilege of working with good people at Columbia City Theatre, capturing musical content on video. As a working artist in development, Levi realized he was operating above and beyond what other promoters are doing. He has experience with events, coaching bands in what to do and what not to do, assisting different video projects and a variety of elements and characters. He takes pride in his work, his level of servitude and execution. Levi is loyal, hardworking and here to bring great music to the global community and to transform and support artists thriving in the music industry. 

Today, LPM.TV has the capacity to reach 17 million viewers online and countless others via the social media platforms available today. LPM.TV owns 3 charter tour busses that takes VIPs to and from special events. LPM.TV will hit 30-40 cities covering the Highway to HempFest and connecting with MMJ advocates and music lovers alike.

Levi has a very special aim- to connect the fans to the bands, and provide a foundation for bands to grow on, creating an educational process for the bands.